Welcome to Mrinmaya's Lab @ ETHZ

We are a research group in the Institute for Machine Learning within the Department of Computer Science at the ETH Zurich. We are also part of the newly-founded ETH AI center.

We build machine learning models for natural language processing, knowledge discovery and reasoning. We also work on problems in the intersection of natural language processing and education.

Our current focus areas include:

  1. Reasoning with natural language
  2. Representation learning and reasoning with knowledge graphs
  3. Information extraction and coreference resolution
  4. NLP for long texts
  5. NLP for educational applications

We are located in the E floor of the CAB building in the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland. We regularly exchange ideas and work with our neighbors in the Rycolab, as well as with our colleagues in the Institute for Machine Learning.

We are always looking for strong and motivated PhD students to join our research group. However, we are quite selective and only have around 1-2 positions every year. (Please read this before sending us an email) !

We are grateful for funding from Haslerstiftung and ETH AI center.


24. October 2020

Paper Clustering Contextualized Representations of Text for Unsupervised Syntax Induction is now on arXiv!

22. October 2020

Paper Stronger Transformers for Neural Multi-Hop Question Generation is now on arXiv!

2. December 2020

Paper Text-based RL Agents with Commonsense Knowledge: New Challenges, Environments and Baselines accepted at AAAI 2021!

1. October 2020

Heartiest welcome to Shehzaad, Yifan, Sankalan and Shridhar to the group.

1. July 2020

Paper Knowledge Graph Embedding Compression published at ACL 2020!

1. July 2020

Mrinmaya officially joined the Computer Science department at ETH Zurich. See a welcome interview here!

1. September 2019

Mrinmaya appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at ETH Zurich. See announcement here!

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